Animatic process 

Theres always gonna be many unmade stories, and sometimes making it into an animatic can help you flesh out the writings into shots and camera angles getting it that much closer to animation. The animatic is a powerful tool, you are able to get your timing and framing fleshed out, getting your brain juices flowing on how you want to execute each scene.

A very merry Dingus Xmas

My first 2D digital animation I did back in college. Based of the time we created the biggest snowball we could in a parking lot and my friend took his 1960s panel truck and rammed into it, sending snow flying everywhere. Well I had to take this epic event and turn it into a funny animation, and with a little dingus flair, turned a lump of snow into a beloved character and well, destroyed it. Enjoy my humor.

Test Flex

This is a good example why this process can be really loose and dirty, trying to get the movement and timing down is key. In this scene, the Alpha bird was being a bully and flexing his prowess at a nerdy bird in front of his friends. 


An other shot of the rough animation process, getting the animation of both camera and effects to work with one another and not look jittery.

Dust Devil

A while back while working in the Navy for squadron VX31, they had a mascot of a dust devil. So after setting up my jet and waiting for the pilot to come, I created his origin story based off this single drawing. 

Louder With Crowder: intermission short

Being a huge fan of this show, Steven had this single framed drawing of a mug character "pissing" on the you tube character. Similarly to the calvin pissing on a ford emblem sticker that you would see on the back of a chevy. I found myself really wanting to bring that drawing to life as a fan piece, and in the end they started using it on the show.

Stop Motion Animation Demo Reel

Concepts and Animation Tests

Below is my most recent demo reel, which includes a lot of work I did building sets, props, and animating for Nug Nation studio. Stop motion, in my opinion, is the most beautiful forms of animation, the tangible elements of holding something, the textures and practical effects is the ultimate in eye candy for me. Building this little worlds and then breathing life into these inanimate objects is a feeling that cant be described, but seeing the viewer enjoy the finished project is the best reward I could ask for.

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