Below are some photos showing the behind the scenes of different sculptures and props I've created. If you're interested in hiring me, please feel free to reach out to me with your budget and idea.

Clown Pill

The Clown Pill had just about every element i could add to this sculpt, adding lights and a verity of textures is a fun challenge to make it more then just a static and more of a  engaging piece.   

Fish Heads (from the Simpsons)

This is one of my first fan art sculpts i did that would be fun to have as functional piece. It took a while to figure out an issue with casting the heads, so it sat for a year or so before i caved and got a pressure pot. 

Lincoln (short film prop)

So many props were made for this short, and it was a lot of fun coming up with all of em. the joke was that Lincoln was this DJ and so i designed this old turn table phonograph and using his iconic top hat as a helmet like deadmou5e. There was a design that kinda came out by accident that included the base of his table to look like lincoln logs. 

Aliens Key Holder Build

Huge Aliens fan, and I always wanted to build the M41 pulse rifle, but I wanted to make it more unique, since you can find a handful of life size ones all over. By shrinking it down i figured it would be more of a manageable displayable piece any type of fan would hang up, and again making it a functional piece makes its interaction with, the light is also the cherry on the top.

Cyber Truck

First attempt at making a stop motion car prop, and being the cyber truck seemed liked the easiest to figure out with its basic geometry. 

Vintage Automobile Build

This was a fun vintage car build using a block of wood as the base. I always salvage parts from junked printers, toys or cannibalize old parts from other car models. Being resourceful and thinking out of the box is a must.